Sunday, 29 July 2007

Lots and Lots of Masking Tape

When we were setting up the base for the dollhouse, we needed lots and lots of masking tape... This was a bit tricky, the whole thing was pretty wobbly at this point. But we made it!

Kun me liimailtiin nukkekodin perustaa, me tarvitsimme tosi tosi paljon maalaarinteippiä... Koko homma tuntui aika horjuvalta tässä vaiheessa, mutta me selvisimme siitä!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Riikka,
Your doll house is making progress. It looks colorful. I have heard from your mother that you've had a busy summer. We have too. Our girls will all be home at the end of August for Mike's birthday, the 26th (we are having a party on the 25th.) Their grandmother's birthday is in August, too.
Bye for now, Sharon