Sunday, 16 September 2007

Riikka's Dollhouse is ready!

Riikka's Green Gables is now ready!!!!!! Welcome in!

Actually the owners are Greta and Grace. Greta is sitting on the garden chair enjoying the well-built house and Grace is on the porch chatting with their first guests, Tom and Elisa from Laura's doll house. They are neighbors, Greta and Grace found that out, when they first moved into their house.

Riikan vihreä talo on nyt sitten valmis!!! Tervetuloa tutustumaan!

Itseasiassa talon omistajat ovat Greta ja Grace. Greta istuu puutarhatuolissa nauttimassa hienosti rakennetusta talosta. Grace seisoo terassilla juttelemassa ensimmäisten vieraittensa, Tomin ja Elisan kanssa (Lauran nukketalosta). He ovatkin naapureita,tämän Greta ja Grace huomasivat muuttaessaan uuteen taloonsa.


Anonymous said...

Hello Riikka,

Green Gables has made lots of progress! It looks beautiful with all it's fancy trims, paint and wallpaper. I'm sure the family who lives there must love it. It is lots of fun making things for doll houses. It sounds as if there are lots of people in Finland who have this hobby.


caitlin said...

it is lovely! I have a funny story...I was driving down the road the other day, and I drove past a house that was being built (a real life sized house)and it was the same color green as Riikka's dollhouse! Then I saw that it was just the insulation going up; it wasn't the outside walls! But interestingly enough, the shape of the house is similar to your dollhouse, with gables and the porch.