Friday, 28 December 2007

A Cute Present from Friends!

The Kokkonen family (Lotta, Ritva, Katariina and Pellervo) gave me and my sister dollhouse presents which they bought from Austria. I got this pretty breakfast set, which looks like a real one!

Kokkosen perhe antoi minulle ja siskolleni ihanat nukkekotiyllätykset, jotka on ostettu Itävallasta. Minä sain tämän kertakaikkiaan hienon aamupalasetin, joka näyttää ihan aidolta!

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caitlin said...

Hi Riikka, the last time I read your blog was back about the middle of December, and you were opening the calender gifts from Laura. I don't work on my minis or read blogs too much during the winter because my minis are all out in a cottage on my property and it's too cold to go out there much, even tho I have heat out there.
In the spring I start up again and so here I am. Where are you? Have you lost interest in your dollhouse & minis? I see Laura's been gone a while too( since Feb.)I hope you & your family and happy and well.